Rinkhals: Elite Armoured Vehicle- Osprea
Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Rinkhals 4×4


Samil 50 Based Multi-Use Armoured Vehicle

The Rinkhals vehicle is based on an armoured monocoque hull into which the automotive aggregates, mainly Samil 50, are integrated.

The vehicle is fitted with a door in the front on each side for the driver and co-driver, as well as two doors at the rear of the vehicle to provide access for the crew of 12 (6 on either side).

A hatch is positioned above the co-driver.

The payload area at the rear of the vehicle can be accessed from the crew compartment as well as from the outside through the rear doors.

The spare wheel is mounted on the roof towards the rear of the vehicle and a water tank is fitted inside the vehicle at the back inside the crew compartment.

This is a heavy duty highly reliable and powerful MPV larger in volume than the Casspir and almost all of the new bread of APC’s. This makes it ideal as “work-station” vehicle -ambulance or command vehicle- allowing for spaces and extensive internal configuration.

As an ambulance it provides all the armour advantages of the Casspir, but with considerably more space providing for 4 stretchers, one guard and 4-5 further seats for staff or walking wounded, along with the full medical setup of a field ambulance.

As Command Vehicle space is available for 3 double workstations and two radio positions.

The monocoque hull, including the windows, is manufactured to provide protection against 7,62 x 39 mm ball and 7,62 x 51 mm NATO ball projectiles from a distance greater than 30m.

Landmine protection is 7.5kg of TORPEX under any wheel or the hull, field repairable.

Ease and economy of maintenance – being a vehicle with international coverage and using the Samil 50 parts and service kits, maintenance in any African country is reliable.

Long in-service life – rugged and reliable design the Samil 50 trucks in various models and types are good for over 1,000,000 km of road use.

Exceeds all standards, recommendations and requirements for UN vehicle use in Africa, in terms of spare water capacity, chassis construction, ground clearance, centre of gravity and fuel and lubricant capacity. Air-Cooled engine also makes it ideally suited to hot climates.

Group Advantage – being a Samil 50 base it is ideal for use with a group vehicle pool alongside Samil 50 logistics and trucks and tankers. As such its running costs within such a groupage concept are considerably reduced across the fleet of mission vehicles.

Technical Specifications


Make: Deutz

Model: Deutz F6L413F Turbo

Power Rating: 141Kw @ 2,500 rpm

Capacity: 9,572 cc

Torque: 612 Nm @ 1,500 rpm

Cooling: Air


Gearbox: ZF 86-65

Gears: 6 manual

Transfer Case: ZF Z65 two speed

High Range: 1,032:1

Low Range: 1,783:1


Axles: Banjo housing type driving axles. Pneumatic diff. locks.

Suspension: Semi-Elliptical Leaf Springs Hydraulic, Double Acting, Telescopic Shock Absorbers

Tyre Size: M-Pattern 14.00×20

Details and Performance

Length (mm) 7,120 mm

Width (mm) 2,520 mm

Height (mm) 2,900 mm

Tare Mass (kg) 8,000 kg

Manufacturer’s GVM (kg): 13,000 kg

Maximum Additional Payload (kg): 5,000 kg

Wheelbase: 4,260 mm


Ground Clearance (mm) 650 mm

Top Speed kph: 100 kph

Turning Circle: 13.5 m

Range on Road @ 80 kph: >800 km

Gradeability: 60%

Attack Angle: 46°

Fuel Tank Size: 400 L


Landmine Blasts: 7.5kg of TORPEX under any wheel or the hull, field repairable.

Ballistics: 7,62 x 39 mm ball and 7,62 x 51 mm NATO ball at 30m

Add-on protection: available against the effects of self-forming fragment mines (TMRP-6)

Ambulance Features

Standard Layout
  • 4 litters for stretchers
  • Stretchers secured in place with multiple belts
  • Seating for 4 staff or “walking wounded”
  • Seating for one guard
  • Separate front and rear doors
  • Interior painted medical pale green, known to have a calming effect on patients – Interior Air Circulation
  • Electrical Power Points
Medical Equipment


  • Provision is made for two oxygen cylinders to be secured in brackets
  • The oxygen cylinders will be provided
  • A pin-index regulator will be fitted to the cylinder
  • Four oxygen heyer points connected to the oxygen regulators will be fitted to the side walls
  • Oxygen flow meters (four off) will be provided
  • Four oxygen masks will be supplied

Optional Medical Equipment

  • G1 Stainless Steel stretchers x 2
  • Red Mattresses for G1
  • Oxygen canisters secured on brackets
  • Air-con for ambulance body
  • Zip stretchers on carry handles x 2
  • Spider harness
  • Head immobiliser
  • Portable oxygen set in carry bag
  • Humidifier Bottle
  • Ambulance Bag Resuscitator
  • Suction Machine Port-O-Vac
  • Laryngoscope Set
  • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Assorted Airway Pieces
  • Rubberised floor coating

Command Vehicle Features

Standard Layout

Driver’s Cabin:

  • Driver plus 1 passenger (or commander).
  • Roof Hatch with ring Mount above Passenger seat.
  • Separate Side Doors.
  • Separating black-out curtain

Rear Command Unit:

  • 4 operator seats, mine protective, 4 point belts
  • 1 guard seat at rear
  • 3 double workstations
  • Folding workstation
  • Map Bins
  • Black-out curtains
  • 2 x radio bins
  • Air-conditioning and air-circulation
  • 4 double power points 12v

Client-supplied comms. System fitment, carried out by equipment supplier’s technicians.

We are currently recommending the following HF radio systems:

High End: Grintek Tactical Military Radios Harris

Mid Level:  Q-Mac Military or Professional radios Barrett Military Spec Commercial radios

  • Gun Mount manufacture to client spec.
  • Mount to be fitted on co-driver ring mount
  • Low glare red interior lighting




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