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Samil 20 4×4


Light Utility and Ambulance

The SAMIL 20 4×4 is the ultimate, off-road, vehicle. With “diff locks” on the transfer box and both axles, a short wheelbase and a ground clearance of 460mm, the SAMIL 20 can go where other 4×4’s fear to tread.

Based on the Unimog chassis design, but with many locally-incorporated features, the SAMIL 20 is the base component of a large range of vehicles but the cargo vehicle has been produced in the largest numbers. This has a soft-topped forward control cab and a high cargo bed able to seat up to ten soldiers, but the main feature of the SAMIL 20 is its extreme toughness, provided to enable the vehicle to survive under harsh African conditions.

Numerous variants have been produced, the two presented here being the Patrol or Logistics Utility Vehicle and the Ambulance.

Van-bodied vehicles were used for everything from artillery fire control vehicles to ambulances and mobile workshops. The cargo area can also be used to carry containers and shelters. The SAMIL 20 has been replaced in production by the SAMIL 20 Mark 2 which is powered by an Atlantis Diesel Engine (ADE) 352N and which incorporates more components of local origin.

Key Features

  • Permanent 4-wheel drive
  • 2 Ton off-road Payload
  • “Diff Lock” on Transfer Box & both Axles
  • 460 mm Ground Clearance
  • Proven under combat conditions

Ease and economy of maintenance

  • though the use of proven, easy-to-maintain and commercially available components, compatible with many, Unimog and Mercedes Benz systems.

Exceptional Off-Road Ability

  • there is no feasible terrain or gradient over which this vehicle will not pass. Fleet Compatibility
  • with many African Forces relying heavily on Samil vehicles, the Samil 20 fits perfectly into the family.


  • The Samil 20 is also available with a mine protected front cabin.

Technical Specifications


Type: Deutz F6L 913 Direct Injection

Power Rating: 193kW @ 2650rpm

Cylinders: 6128cc, 6 cylinders in-line

Torque: 383 @ 1600rpm

Cooling: Air

Fuel: Diesel


Type: ASTS S5-35

Gears: 5 Speed Synchro

Transfer Case: ZF Z65 2 Speed Permanent 4×4 with pneumatically operated diff lock


Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf spring

Shock Absorbers: hydraulic double-acting telescopic

Tyre Size: 14.5 x 20-12 ply multipurpose

Details and Performance

Length (mm) 5338 mm

Width (mm) 2730 mm

Height (mm) 2438 mm

Tare Mass (kg) 4500 kg

Manufacturer’s GVM (kg): 7700 kg

Maximum Additional Payload (kg): 3200 kg

Fuel Tank Size: 200 L

Water Tank: 100 L


Top Speed kph: 100 kph

Sustained Road Speed: 80-90 kph

Range: 800 km on paved roads

Grade ability: 70%

Clearance: 470mm


Landmine Blasts: 7.5kg of TORPEX under any wheel or the hull, field repairable.

Ballistics: 7,62 x 39 mm ball and 7,62 x 51 mm NATO ball at 30m

Add-on protection: available against the effects of self-forming fragment mines (TMRP-6)

Ambulance Details

  • The interior panels will be painted in gloss white paint
  • Four mechanical rotating ventilators will be fitted on the roof and on the outside with a 50 x 25 x 4mm wire mesh screen
  • Heavy-duty framework to carry two stretchers will be fitted to the left and right side patient compartment
  • The stretchers will be locked on top of each other with quick release fasteners to
  • secure stretchers while in transport
  • Framework will be bolted to the sides, roof and floor after spaying of floor area
  • A storage box will be fitted above front attendant seat to house splints and other small medical equipment
  • Four brackets with hooks to house two transfusion bottles each will be fitted
  • Two water-bottle holders each with one two-litre plastic bottle and stainless steel tumbler
  • Water-bottle and tumblers will be provided
  • Storage bins will be provided under patient seats
  • Head bumpers, padded in vinyl will be fitted where necessary
Medical Equipment


  • Provision is made for two oxygen cylinders to be secured in brackets
  • The oxygen cylinders will be provided
  • A pin-index regulator will be fitted to the cylinder
  • Four oxygen heyer points connected to the oxygen regulators will be fitted to the side walls
  • Oxygen flow meters (four off) will be provided
  • Four oxygen masks will be supplied

Optional Medical Equipment

  • G1 Stainless Steel stretchers x 2
  • Red Mattresses for G1
  • Oxygen canisters secured on brackets
  • Air-con for ambulance body
  • Zip stretchers on carry handles x 2
  • Spider harness
  • Head immobilizer
  • Portable oxygen set in carry bag



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Samil 20 4×4

Light Utility and Ambulance

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8 ton Utility Vehicle

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Heavy Duty Logistics Vehicle