Mamba Mk7 - Superior Armoured Vehicle - Osprea
Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Mamba™ Mk7 


The Next Generation of the Legendary Armoured Vehicle

Osprea Logistics presents the Mamba Mk7, the latest version of its legendary Mamba Mk5 APC, built in the USA. With more power, innovative tactical capacities, advanced technology, upgraded armor protection, US components and manufacture, the Mamba Mk7 is the most cost-efficient APC built in North America.

The latest version of the legendary Mamba armored vehicle – the Mamba Mk7 – builds on the proven success of Osprea’s previous Mambas, the Mk5 and Mk5 Iveco, and now provides even higher degrees of ballistic and mine-blast protection, excellent mobility and more maneuverability than ever before.

The Mamba was one of the most successful wheeled vehicles designed to protect multi-role forces operating in mine-threatened environments. Thousands of Mamba vehicles have been built, and most are still in service in military, policing and peacekeeping operations, across Africa and the world, and spawning many variants in extensive use by US and NATO forces, such as the RG-31, RG-32 and RG-33

The Mamba has a documented and enviable in-service record for user- friendliness, safety, performance reliability and ease of logistics support. Sound in its ballistic and ergonomic design, having saved numerous lives in IED attacks in kinetic African Peace Keeping Operations, it remains the preferred choice in medium-sized wheeled armored vehicles.

The Mamba Mk7 retains the legendary design and performance capabilities of the Mamba pedigree, enhanced by the latest improvements from leading US OEM’s, and further developed with multiple configurations on the base-platform.

As the owner of the Mamba brand, only Osprea Logistics produces new Mamba Mk7 vehicles.

  • Combat proven pedigree
  • Maximum power, maneuverability, and protection
  • Advantageous price point

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

Make: Deutz

Model: BF6L9l4C Turbo

Cylinders: 6 in-line

Displacement: 6,128 cc

Power: 203 HP (150 kW) @ 2500 rpm

Torque: 374 lbft (508 Nm) @ 1700 rpm

Coolant: Air

Power : Wgt Ratio (kW/ton) 14.28

Fuel: Diesel

Type: Mechanical Direct Injection, Turbo Charged


Gearbox: Allison 2500SP (Automatic)

Gears: 6 forward, 1 reverse

Transfer Case: ZF–VG750

Drive: Permanent 4×4

Drive Shaft Angles <10º


Front suspension: Parabolic leaf springs

Rear suspension: Parabolic leaf springs

Shock Absorbers: Hydraulic double acting in front and rear

Front Axle: Driven, Steerable, Double Reduction

Capacity: 16,000 lbs. (7257kg)

Rear Axle: Driven Double Reduction

Capacity: 17,000 lbs. (7711kg)

Tyre Size: 1300:20” Rim (1400:20 optional)

Central Tyre Inflation System: Optional

Details and Performance

Length: 249 in. (6,327 mm)

Width: 105 in. (2,668 mm)

Height: 102 in. (2,595 mm)

Tare Mass: 23,147 lbs. (10.500 kg)

Manufacturer’s GVM: 33,000 lbs. (15,000 kg)

Maximum Additional Payload: 9,853 lbs. (4,500 kg)

Wheelbase: 133 in. (3,400 mm)


Ground Clearance: 15.7 in. (400 mm)

Fording Depth: 47 in. (1,200 mm)

Top Speed: 65 mph (105 kph) governed BF6914C,

75 mph (120 kph) BF6M1015C

Sustained Road Speed: 58 mph (94 kph)

Acceleration 0–60 mph (seconds): 36.6 – BF6L914C 24.2 – BF6M1015C

Acceleration 30–60 mph (seconds): 20.8

Turning Circle: 44.29 ft. (13.5 m)

Turning Radius: 22.14 ft. (6.75 m)

Range on Road @ 50 mph: >500 miles (>800 km)

Gradient Ability: 70%

Side Tipping Angle Road: 32.7º

Vertical Step Up: 24 in. (600 mm)

Power Wgt Ratio (kW/ton): 14.28 (water cooled: 24.6 KW/Ton)

Crew Capacity: up to 2+9

Fuel Tank Size: 53 gal. (200 L)

Drive Line Spares Availability: COTS

On Site Warranty Service & Mechanics Support: Yes


Ballistic Protection: B7 steel and glass; upgrade to Stanag 3- with 0.50 Cal protection

Blast Protection: Stanag 4a and 4b

Tested to 22 lbs. (10kg) ATA mines under vehicle Hull

and 30.8 lbs. (14kg) ATA mines under wheels.

Windows : B7 glass

Weapon System (Max): Up to 20 mm Cannon, Katyusha, 14.5, 82 mm Smoke, 82 mm Mortar

Window Firing Points: 7

Roof Firing Points: 4

Mounts: 3

Turret: Mechanical or Electrically operated

Under Engine Protection: Optional

Virtual Reality and Digital

Experience the interior of the Mamba Mk7 in 3D with Google cardboard (or similar 3D viewing goggles). Sit inside the Mamba in full 3D Virtual Reality and access heads-up display of technical data on the various aspects of the vehicle.

Download the Mamba Mk7 App and video from:


Interior and Variants
Seats Horiz Down.
Vehicles 33
Vehicles 39
Vehicles 26


One platform; Six Vehicles

In low complexity militaries, simplicity and usability are the keys to success. Less training, simpler maintenance, greater usage

The Mamba Mk7 is specifically designed as a single format multiple platform vehicle.  With modular interior the same vehicle can be configured as:

  • Troop Carrier
  • Command and Control
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency Recovery Vehicle
  • EOD
  • IED Interrogator Arm Vehicle

Additional options would add Ground Penetrating Radar to the EOD or IA vehicle.

Multi-Platform with a simplified unified logistics and parts supply chain

Industrial Partnership


Osprea is committed to bringing the product to the client, not the client to product, both in design and concept and in manufacturing process.

Osprea has developed a fully industrialised assembly process for the Mamba Mk5, enabling the vehicle to be built or assembled or even fully manufactured in the client’s country.

Fully scalable in its execution according to client needs and ability. Each stage of the process from component procurement, manufacture, through to assembly can be scaled from original part supply, to sub-assembly and higher assembly supply. Enabling the client to bring as much or as little of the vehicle manufacturing process into their own country, as they desire, in line with their economic imperatives and the industrialisation level of the country.

  • Complete or Semi-Knock Down [CKD or SKD]
  • Fulfils immediate supply obligations and provides a platform for future development and growth.
  • Ability to sell and supply anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to do 3rd party contract manufacturing if required– complete or modular— in PPP or simple JV’s
  • Flexibility in providing products in different levels of break-down for assembly as required.
  • Fulfilment of legal/client requirements for maximum export, manufacturing and usage options.
  • Potential for licenced assembly or manufacture in client country


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