Mamba Mk5 Magirus
Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Mamba™ Mk5 Magirus


The Next Generation of the Legendary Armoured Vehicle

Osprea Logistics is proud to launch the next generation of the legendary Mamba APC, the Mk5 Magirus – now with more power, innovative tactical capacities, advanced technology and new, upgraded armour protection.

Faced with 21st Century threats, governments, corporates and organisations operating in conflict environments repeatedly request the Mamba vehicles they know and trust.

The latest version of the legendary Mamba armoured vehicle – the Mamba Mk5 Magirus – provides even higher degrees of ballistic and mine protection, excellent mobility and more manoeuvrability than ever before.

The Mamba was one of the most successful wheeled vehicles designed to protect multi-role forces operating in mine-threatened environments. Some 1,000’s of Mamba vehicles have been built in South Africa; and most are still in service in military, combat and peace-keeping operations across Africa and the world.

The Mamba has a documented and enviable in-service record for user-friendliness, safety, performance reliability and ease of logistics support. Sound in its ballistic and ergonomic design, it remains the preferred choice in medium-sized wheeled armoured vehicles.

The new Mamba Mk5 Magirus retains all of the legendary design and performance capabilities of the Mamba pedigree, combined with the latest improvements and modifications critical for 21st Century combat operations. All this at a price point that reflects the realities of today’s budgetary requirements.

As the owner of the Mamba brand, only Osprea Logistics produces new Mamba Mk5 vehicles.

• Combat Proven Pedigree
• Maximum Power, Manoeuvrability, and Protection
• Advantageous Price Point

Technical Specifications

Power Plant

Air cooled 4 stroke direct injected turbo-charged diesel engine

Make: Deutz

Model: Deutz BF6L9l3F Turbo

Cylinders: 6 in-line

Displacement: 6,128 cc

Power: 127 kW (172 Hp) @ 2800 rpm

Torque: 508 Nm (374 lbft) @ 1600 rpm

Coolant: Air

Power : Wgt Ratio (kW/ton) 14.81


Gearbox: S6–36 synchromesh gearbox

Gears: 6 forward, 1 reverse, with PTO

Transfer Case: ZF–Z65

Drive: Permanent 4×4

Drive Shaft Angles <15º


Front suspension: Single acting semi-elliptic leaf springs

Rear suspension: Single acting semi-elliptic leaf springs

Shock Absorbers: Hydraulic Double Acting in front and rear with helper springs in the rear

Front Axle: Driven, Steerable, Double Reduction

Capacity: 5,500 kg

Rear Axle: Driven Double Reduction

Capacity: 7,000 kg

Tyre Size: 1300:20” Rim (1400:20 optional)

Central Tyre Inflation System: Optional

Details and Performance

Length (mm) 5,140 mm

Width (mm) 2,450 mm

Height (mm) 2,600 mm

Tare Mass (kg) 8,570 kg

Manufacturer’s GVM (kg): 12,200 kg

Maximum Additional Payload (kg): 3,630 kg

Wheelbase: 3,250 mm


Ground Clearance (mm) 340 mm

Fording Depth (mm) 1,200 mm

Top Speed kph: 105 kph (governed)

Sustained Road Speed: 94 kph

Acceleration 0–60 kph (seconds): 22.9

Acceleration 30–60 kph (seconds): 13

Turning Circle: 13.5 m

Turning Radius: 6.75 m

Range on Road @ 80 kph: >800 km

Gradient Ability: 70%

Side Tipping Angle Road: – 32.7º

Vertical Step Up: 600 mm

Power Wgt Ratio (kW/ton): 14.81

Crew Capacity: up to 2+9

Fuel Tank Size: 200 L

Drive Line Spares Availability: COTS

On Site Warranty Service & Mechanics Support: Yes


V–Shaped Monocoque Hull, Integral Crew Capsule with double layer armour (12mm, 8 mm & 5 mm with 65 mm interspace), Removable Engine Compartment

Ballistic Protection: STANAG 4569 level 4, equivalent to 14 kg ATA mines under vehicle, upgradable

Blast Protection: Double TM-57 equivalent to 12 kg TNT anywhere under the vehicle, upgradable to STANAG 4 and beyond

Windows : B7 100mm with Polycarbonate Option Stanag 3 upgradable to Stanag 4

Weapon System (Max): Up to 20mm Cannon, Katyusha, 14.5, 82mm Smoke, 82mm Mortar

Window Firing Points: 9

Roof Firing Points: Up to 7

Mounts: Up to 4 additional mounts to customer specification

Turret: Mechanical or Electric

Under Engine Protection: YES V-Hull



Core Operational Advantages of the Mamba Mk5

The Mamba Mk5 Magirus is stronger and more powerful than its competitors, with improved manoeuvrability and performance, especially in urban theatres.

Its industry-leading performance highlights include:

  • Increased engine capacity gives this vehicle the same power as a Casspir, but in a smaller, lighter vehicle, thus improving manoeuvrability and performance especially in urban theatres
  • Tighter turning circle
  • Better acceleration
  • Greater payload on top of troop compliment
  • Dual layer armour (an effective upgrade from 8 mm to 13 mm).
  • Extreme engineering at an advantageous price.
  • Up to 7 roof-firing points, 3 fixed weapons mounts or turrets and weapons systems capabilities up to 20 mm rifles, mortar platforms, or multiple rocket launchers.
  • Optional configurations: armoured personal carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, fully fitted 2-stretcher ambulance, command and control vehicle and multi-modal communications platforms.
  • Production capability of up to 25 units per month with options for co-located assembly facilities at client venue.
  • Full warranty protection for vehicle and drive chain.
  • Optional Osprea Logistics operator, mechanic training and on-site repair and maintenance services.
  • Adherence to tried and tested European components (Iveco/Magirus) improves reliability over cost-conscious use of Indian, Chinese or Russian based components, simplifies existing logistics supply chains, and ensures maintenance at a reduced cost over American origin components for African deployment.


One platform; Eight Vehicles

The Mamba Mk5 is specifically designed as a single format multiple platform vehicle.  With modular interior the same vehicle can be configured as:

  • APC
  • Command and Control
  • Ambulance
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • VIP Escort / Transport
  • Security Vehicle
  • Mortar or Rocket Platform
  • Cash In Transit

Additional options would add Ground Penetrating Radar to the EOD or IA vehicle.

Multi-Platform with a simplified unified logistics and parts supply chain.