Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Osprea’s flagship armoured vehicles provide unparalleled protection and performance in the world’s most challenging terrain. With certified NATO protection levels available from B6-B7+, and over 20 years of in-theatre ballistics testing pedigree, operators and passengers are confident of their safety when protected by Osprea armour.

Whether as an armoured personnel carrier, an armoured ambulance, an armoured command/control vehicle, or other specialised configuration, Osprea’s armoured vehicle platforms are built to provide a fleet uniformity in mechanic and operator knowledge, as well as spare-parts supply, for complete autonomy in field operations. All Osprea armoured vehicles include a full warranty and ballistic guarantees. Please select from the below line-up of new and remanufactured armoured vehicle platforms for more information on each model.

Mamba 7 Cover



Mine Protected Vehicle

The Next Generation of the Legendary Armoured Vehicle


MAMBA™ Mk5 Iveco


Mine Protected Vehicle

The Next Generation of the Legendary Medium Sized, 4×4 APC


MAMBA™ Mk5 Magirus


Mine Protected Vehicle

The Next Generation of the Legendary Medium Sized, 4×4 APC


Rinkhals 4×4


Mine Protected Vehicle

Samil 50 Based Multi-Use Armoured Vehicle


The Casspir MK II


Mine Protected Vehicle

The Swiss Army Knive of Combat Vehicles




Multi-Purpose IFV

The Ultimate IFV or APC for Peace keeping