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Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Samil 50 4×4


8 ton Utility Vehicle

These trucks were used by the South African Military over a number of years and have proven to be reliable under extreme all-terrain conditions. The trucks are ideally suited to African conditions, and are widely recognised as some of the best and most versatile heavy-duty all-terrain trucks on the market. SAMIL 50s have only recently become available to the private sector, and were immediately popular with mining groups and government institutions, NGO’s, Aid Agencies and similar organisations.

The Samil 50 has an unparalleled reputation for its rugged durability and its ability to work hard and heavy in Africa’s unforgiving terrain and climate.

Variants: General Haulage Vehicle – The Samil 50 4×4 will carry over 8 tons of freight and can haul a further 5 tons over rough terrain.

Recovery Vehicle – ideally suited as a recovery vehicle for Casspir, Mambas and other APC’s where the stricken vehicles still have two wheels or can be loaded onto “dolly trailer”.

Mobile Lubrication Unit or Workshop – fitted with a specially built container the Samil can be equipped as a mobile workshop or lubrication service station, either armoured or soft skin

7,000L – 10,000L Tanker – equipped with either an Aluminium, Stainless Steel, 3CR12 or mild steel tank the Samil 50 serves as an ideal mobile fuel or water station, with fully equipped flow metre, pumps and nozzles. Also available with heavy duty plastic tanks on forklift removable rig, Other variants built or adapted to order Available either remanufactured or reconditioned Proven in Service Reliability Ballistic Protection- against a variety of small arms fire and shrapnel up to B6+ level around the cab and engine if required.

Ease and economy of maintenance -being a vehicle built in Africa for Africa availability of parts is never a problem.

Long in-service life – through protection of main aggregates, rugged and simple design of parts and ease of maintenance, the Samil has a long and productive service life.

Meets all standards, recommendations and requirements for UN vehicle use in Africa, in terms of spare water capacity, chassis construction, ground clearance, centre of gravity and fuel and lubricant capacity.

Exceptional fording ability – with its high air intake pipes Samil 50’s have travelled distances with water around the shins of the driver.

Technical Specifications


Description: Air cooled 4 stroke direct injected 90° V naturally aspirated diesel engine

Type: DeutzF6L4l3F

Power Rating: 141 kW @ 2500 rpm

Displacement: 9,572

Cylinders: 6

Torque: 612 Nm @ 1500 rpm


Type: ZF S6-65 synchromesh gearbox

Gears: 6 forward & 1 reverse gear with PTO facility

First gear ratio: 9,00: 1

Top gear ratio: 1,00: 1

Reverse gear ratio: 8,45: 1

Transfer Case: ZFZ65

On road gear ratio: 0,939: 1

Off road ratio: 1,783: 1

Differential lock: Provided


Front Axle: Driven, steerable, 5,5 ton cast housing

Rear Axles: Driven double reduction 9,5 ton cast housing axles & differential lock

Differential ratio: 3,103: 1

Hub reduction ratio: 1,85: 1

Total ratio: 5,74: 1

Details and Performance

Tare Mass: 6340 kg

Manufacturers GVM: 15,000 kg

Maximum Payload: 8660 kg


For the different variants of this field leading vehicle, please see over for a few of the possibilities.

Additional Variants

Vacuum Sewerage Tank

Tank Performance

Vacuum Tank: 4.5 – 6Kl capacity

Steel: Mild, Stainless or 3CR12

Filling time: 6000 liters ± 4 – 5 mins


Oval: 1880 x 1220

Length: ± 3,400mm Long
2 x Dish ends ± 400mm

Tank Weight: 1350 kg

Equipment: 450 kg

Capacity (sludge): ± 7000 kg

Customisable Workshop Unit


Length: ±5,000mm

Width: 2,300mm

Height: 2,200mm


To customer configuration, but can include: 

  • Lathe/Bench Drill/Milling Machine
  • Lubrication Unit
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Winches
  • Variety of Tools (for full list see “Workshop Trailer”)


Layout can be fully customised to client requirements



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Samil 20 4×4

Light Utility and Ambulance

Samil 50 4×4

8 ton Utility Vehicle

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