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The Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle: A Continuing Legacy of Battlefield Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of military operations, the Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle emerges as a pivotal asset, meticulously engineered to uphold the highest standards of protection and efficiency on peacekeeping operations. the Rinkhals armoured vehicle embodies a fusion of cutting-edge engineering and tactical ingenuity,

Rinkhals Armoured VehiclesMedical Mission for Evacuation and Recovery

The Rinkhals APC Vehicle distinguishes itself as a cornerstone in the realm of medical evacuations. Its commitment to the well-being of patients is reflected in its suite of purpose-driven features. From providing four stretchers for casualties to ensuring securely fastened seating and convenient dual access points for seamless movement, every aspect is meticulously designed with the comfort and safety of individuals in mind. With its calming interior ambiance, efficient air circulation, and essential electrical power points, the Rinkhals Armoured tactical Vehicles serves as a lifeline for the wounded.

Rinkhals Armoured Vehicles – Advanced Protection Capabilities

The Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle boasts a robust armoured monocoque hull, capable of withstanding the ballistic threats of 7.62 x 39 mm and 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ball projectiles from distances greater than 30 meters. This level of protection is critical for the survival of the crew and passengers in hostile environments. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped to handle the devastating effects of landmines, offering field-repairable protection against blasts of up to 7.5 kg of TORPEX under any wheel or the hull. An optional add-on is available to guard against the effects of self-forming fragment mines, enhancing its defensive capabilities even further.

Proven Performance of Rinkhals Armoured Tactical Vehicles

Powered by the steadfast Deutz F6L413F Turbo engine, the Rinkhals continues to navigate the most demanding environments with resilience. Its enduring power and mobility are crucial for the rapid deployment of forces and equipment, ensuring that this vehicle remains a cornerstone of military strategy.

Manoeuvrability at Its Core: Rinkhals Armoured Tactical Vehicles

Powered by a Deutz F6L413F Turbo engine, the Rinkhals delivers an impressive 141Kw at 2,500 rpm. The six manual gears translate to a top speed of 100 kph and a commendable road range of 900 km, ensuring that the vehicle can navigate vast distances with ease. With a ground clearance of 650 mm, the vehicle is designed to navigate through challenging terrains, maintaining high mobility in adverse conditions. The 13.5 m turning circle allows for superior manoeuvrability, a critical aspect in the throes of combat or in tight urban settings.

Rinkhals Armoured Tactical Vehicles – Simplicity in Maintenance

The design of the Rinkhals, with its reliance on widely available Samil 50 parts, underscores a commitment to efficiency and ease of maintenance. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the vehicle can be maintained with minimal downtime, a key factor in its long-standing deployment.

Rinkhals Armoured Tactical Vehicles – Meeting the UN’s Rigorous Standards

The Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle not only meets but exceeds all standards, recommendations, and requirements for UN vehicle use in Africa. It offers spare water capacity, robust chassis construction, optimal ground clearance, stable centre of gravity, and ample fuel and lubricant capacity, all essential for sustaining prolonged missions.

Osprea’s Spare Parts for the Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle

For those who rely on the Rinkhals Armoured Vehicle, maintaining peak performance is essential. Osprea offers spare parts for Rinkhals armoured vehicles, ensuring that your vehicle continues to operate at its best. Quality is the bedrock of Osprea’s offering. Each spare part for the Rinkhals Armoured Vehicles in our catalogue is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) component.

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