Case Study – Support Operations for the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) - Osprea
Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Scene of arguably Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis: third of population depends on food aid.

No effective government since 1991.

Islamist militia and UN-backed transitional government compete for control of country.

The self-proclaimed state of Somaliland and the region of Puntland run their own affairs.

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Amisom Background


Somalia has been without a stable government for nearly 20 years, and since the withdrawal of U.N. peacekeeping forces in the mid ’90s, it has suffered civil strife, war, and a prolonged humanitarian crisis. Following a fresh mandate from the U.N., starting in early 2007, Uganda, and Burundi deployed contingents of soldiers for the African Union (AU) Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), but have faced serious equipment, deployment, and sustainability challenges.

The U.S. Department of State committed to the African Union to provide the mobilization, materiel, and sustainment resources the peacekeepers would need to carry out their mission. Needing a proven implementation partner for ground movement in this austere combat zone, Osprea Logistics was chosen to manufacture the armoured and logistics vehicle fleet, to train the operators and mechanics of the mission, and to maintain an embedded service workshop and training centre.


Osprea’s Solution


In August 2007, Osprea was contracted to support the supply-chain of spare parts and advisory mechanical support for AMISOM. Osprea engineers were deployed into Mogadishu within 7 days of contract award, and quickly established a holistic supply chain that delivers critical spare parts into theatre within 10 days of notice by the end user. Following further deployments that year, and successful executions of several task orders, Osprea was commissioned to deliver a bespoke vehicle solution and support package that effectively met the challenges of the AOR and the needs of the peacekeepers.

By 2011, Osprea had built and fielded over 200 vehicles Mogadishu, established a full service Echelon 4 repair workshop on-site, and performed ongoing US Department of State approved training programmes. In-theatre, Osprea’s engineers, mechanics, and trainers have spent over two years in embedded in Mogadishu and working with the AMISOM contingents and donor parties on inspections, mechanics training, operator training, ongoing repair, and equipment mentoring.

In addition, Osprea’s supply-chain expertise has allowed for over $2 million in spare parts to be identified, sourced, and deployed into theatre within 1 to 2 week timeframes.

As the longest serving support contractor to AMISOM, with a dedicated AMISOM programme management team that includes logisticians, trainers, mechanics, and managers based in Mogadishu, Mombasa, Kampala, and Pretoria, Osprea’s dedicated personnel have been integrated into the mission since its initial deployment.


Performance Measurement


As a measurement of Osprea’s integral and historical role in AMISOM to date, the following are verifiable past performance benchmarks achieved since 2007:

  • Delivery of 205 armoured and soft-skinned vehicles manufactured for AMISOM
    • To date, no AMISOM personnel inside the cabin of an Osprea armoured vehicle has been seriously injured or killed by any of the dozens of IED strikes against them.
    • To date, no Osprea vehicle has experienced any breakdown or serious fault due to manufacturing or quality control problems.
  • Every vehicle provided by Osprea has exceeded the required specification by donors and the TCC’s
  • Best overall pricing solution proven in repeated competitive tenders from donors where Osprea’s vehicle packages are recognised as best value for money
  • Deployment of mechanic advisors and workshop apparatus into theatre within 7 days of request
    • Performance of 283 major repairs to AMISOM fleet since 2007
    • Established Echelon 4 level repairs facilities
  • New equipment training accompanying every consignment of vehicles
    • Trained approximately 300 operators and mechanics
    • Over 190 training days performed in theatre since 2008
    • Full AU and Department of State approved 2 week new equipment training course
    • Trainers sent into theatre within 7 days of request for commencement of training
  • Commitment to regular upgrades of vehicles in theatre, post sale, with system and technological upgrades
  • Highly acclaimed mentoring programme for training contingent mechanics
  • Development of AMISOM vehicle database for tracking repairs and spare parts consumption of every Osprea vehicle used by AMISOM

Osprea continues to operate in Mogadishu, supporting the AMISOM vehicle fleet from their proprietary repair workshop, and as the backbone of the spare-parts supply chain, and will quickly mobilize resources to provide additional capabilities to expand support to AMISOM in Somalia in furtherance of donor organization task orders.