Osprea | Spare Parts
Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Spare Parts

Using only certified Original Equipment Manufacturer spare parts and a proven logistics supply-chain into austere peacekeeping environments, Osprea delivers first-class spare parts and vehicular support packages.

Osprea has supplied over $5M in spare parts to the UN, AU, and other stakeholders for peacekeeping operations in Africa, and currently holds the UNSOA multi-year contract for spare parts for all vehicles in the AMISOM peacekeeping operation (value over $1M/yr).

As a preferred OEM supplier, Osprea includes a limited warranty on all spare parts supplied.

Specifically, the spare parts offered herein are covered by OEM service warranties for a period of up to 1 year from the date of dispatch ex-works for manufacturing defects.