• MAMBA Mk5 Iveco

    Mine Protected Vehicle

    The Next Generation of the Legendary Medium Sized, 4x4 APC

  • MAMBA Mk5 Magirus

    Mine Protected Vehicle

    The Next Generation of the Legendary Medium Sized, 4x4 APC

  • The Casspir Mk II

    Mine Protected Vehicle

    The Swiss Army Knive of Combat Vehicles

  • Rinkhals 4x4

    Mine Protected Vehicle

    Samil 50 Based Multi-Use Armoured Vehicle

  • Ratel-90

    Multi-Purpose IFV

    The Ultimate IFV or APC for Peace keeping

  • Trailers

    Bespoke Design Military Trailers

    Heavy Duty Cargo, Water, and Fuel Trailers

  • S20-T

    Tactical Patrol Vehicle

    Africa's "Humvee"

  • Samil 50

    Medium Capacity Recovery Vehicle

    The Ideal Medium Load Recovery Vehicle

  • Samil 20 4x4

    Light Utility and Ambulance

    The "Go Anywhere" Light Utility Truck

  • Samil 50 4x4

    8 ton Utility Vehicle

    The African Logistics Truck

  • Samil 100 6x6

    Heavy Duty Logistics Vehicle

    The Ideal Medium Load Recovery Vehicle


  • Plant

    Osprea provides individual handling equipment distribution through full organization-wide operational physical plant solutions.

  • Engineering / Camp Support

    Osprea deploys all the engineering, defensive positioning, and infrastructure equipment ...

  • Tactical

    Osprea supplies the full range of military materiel required in the deployment of peacekeeping, security, and contingency forces.


  • Vehicle Support

    Osprea provides comprehensive vehicle and fleet support directly in-theatre, where ever a client's mission is.

  • Logistics and Delivery

    Osprea creates bespoke logistics solutions to move client equipment and personnel where they are needed, in the safest and most efficient methods available.

  • Training

    Osprea conducts world-class and approved training programmes in vehicle operations and repair, security, and all facets of camp engineering and management.


Bespoke Fleet Solutions

Customised new, remanufactured, and refurbished specialty vehicles


Field Support Operations

Professional logistics, training, and technical service provider deployment


Expeditionary and Tactical Material

Mission critical defensive, infrastructure, engineering, and security equipment