Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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Tactical Patrol Vehicle

Recognising the ubiquity and popularity of the “Toyota technical” amongst irregular forces on the African continent, the Samil 20 was identified as the ideal platform onto which to build a superior load-carrying and tactically potent response. The S20-T is that vehicle.

The S20-T is based on the renowned Samil 20 chassis and drive chain. Originally developed for the rigorous conditions of Southern Africa where extreme terrain and conditions apply, the Samil 20 has a long and well proven record of performance and reliability under African conditions.

With a lowered centre of gravity and reduced weight, the S20-T has even greater off-road and extreme terrain capabilities than the already unparalleled Samil 20.

While this vehicle is reaching the end of its development stage, the final configurations of the rear load-bin are highly flexible to the client input and recommendations.

The S20-T is designed as a tactical patrol, long-range reconnaissance and weapons delivery platform. The enhanced cab to carries up to 3 operators, and four fighting positions with a variety of weapons options in the rear.

The S20-T is Africa’s answer to the need for a classic “Humvee” or tactical Land Rover.

Key Features

– Permanent 4-wheel drive
– 2 Ton off-road Payload
– “Diff Lock” on Transfer Box & both Axles
– 460 mm Ground Clearance
– Proven in Service Functionality

Ease and economy of maintenance – though the use of proven, easy-to-maintain and commercially available components, compatible with many Magirus Deutz based fleets.

Long in-service life – through protection of main aggregates, recyclability of the hull and use of readily available spare parts.

Exceptional Off-Road Ability – there is no feasible terrain or gradient over which this vehicle will not pass.

Fleet Compatibility – with many African Forces relying heavily on Samil vehicles, the S20-T fits perfectly into the family.

Technical Specifications


Type: Deutz F6L 913 Direct Injection

Power Rating: 193kW @ 2650rpm

Cylinders: 6128cc, 6 cylinders in-line

Torque: 383 @ 1600rpm

Cooling: Air

Fuel: Diesel


Type: ASTS S5-35

Gears: 5 Speed Synchro

Transfer Case: ZF Z65 2 Speed Permanent 4×4 with pneumatically operated diff lock


Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf spring

Shock Absorbers: hydraulic double-acting telescopic

Tyre Size: 14.5 x 20-12 ply multipurpose

Details and Performance

Length (mm) 5338 mm

Width (mm) 2730 mm

Height (mm) 2438 mm

Tare Mass (kg) 4500 kg

Manufacturer’s GVM (kg): 7700 kg

Maximum Additional Payload (kg): 3200 kg

Fuel Tank Size: 200 L

Water Tank: 100 L


Top Speed kph: 100 kph

Sustained Road Speed: 80-90 kph

Range: 800 km on paved roads

Grade ability: 70%

Clearance: 470mm


Capacity: 7 (3 + 4)


Primary: Ring Mount Cupola 12.7mm or larger

Rear: 2 x LMG

Side: 2 x LMG

Options: Mortar Platform, Smoke, Grenade Launcher

Design Capabilities and Considerations

Factory Standard
  • Fully supportive moulded seats
  • 4 point belts on all seats
  • Cupola ring to accommodate a 12.7mm or larger calibre system
  • 2 mounts for LMG at rear of vehicle
  • Mounts on both sides of vehicle
  • Integrated water supply
  • Multiple weapon, ammunition and personal kit storage compartments
  • External Search and Spot light facilities
  • All-round grab handles
  • Steel frame to protect occupants from foliage and other physical injury
  • Wire cutters on front of vehicle
  • 4 bus/debus points
Optional Configurations
  • Fully customisable protection, including armoured windscreen
  • All weapons platforms configured and applied to client’s requirement.
  • Multiple Weapons Platforms supported, including:
    • Mortar Platform, base plate
    • Grenade Launchers
    • Smoke Grenades
    • Heavy Calibre machine-guns
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Radio and Communications installation