Osprea produces bespoke vehicle fleet solutions, supplies mission critical equipment and deploys professional service providers worldwide for peacekeeping support operations, development projects and expeditionary efforts in conflict areas.
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The Ultimate IFV or APC for Peace keeping

A true Infantry Combat Vehicle for infantry cooperating with armour, providing fast transport of infantry on the battlefield. The vehicle is designed to be used effectively in the climatic and terrain situations of Southern Africa, especially under the high ambient temperatures typical of desert and semidesert conditions. It carries 120 litres of water for crew use in two built-in tanks. This is essential in arid climates.

It has exceptional off-road mobility, especially in bush conditions, sand, mud and on hard rocky surfaces. It is able to operate over long distances at high speeds. Operating range on road is in excess of 1,000 km on standard fuel tanks without refuelling and approximately 400 to 500 km off road.

The Ratel has a crew of three and uplifts an infantry section of 10 men. This vehicle can be fitted with a variety of weapons systems. We design different weapon brackets in the existing turret as well as an additional turret system that can be fitted.

The armour plate used is optimised in terms of protection versus mass through the particular hull design. It is protected all round against armour-piercing small arms ammunition, hand grenades and Claymore mines as well as air burst shrapnel (typically 140mm HE shells), and against 12,7mm (0,5 inch) ammunition from the front.

It also provides a high degree of protection against land mine blasts. It is possible to effect quick and effective repair after damage by a landmine and to have the vehicle back in operation with minimum delay.

The Ratel, adjusted with new weaponry and refurbished, becomes a perfect armoured personnel carrier for modern day peace keeping and counter-terrorism applications. Currently being used in UN Operations in the Congo, for example.

One of the main design criteria for the vehicle is to provide the best possible level of reliability in operation under the types of conditions described above and with relatively unskilled operators. Intensive tests to destruction were carried out covering all aspects of its operation requirements. On average 80,000km is attainable before repairs are required.

The Ratel is also designed for easy and inexpensive maintenance. The very important factor of longer term “Cost of Ownership”, as opposed to initial purchase price, has received a lot of attention and experience has proved that the vehicle provides excellent value in this respect.

It is the only wheeled lCV of its type that has been used in operations and has shown itself to be a most effective system both in terms of its operational purpose and cost. It is therefore a truly combat proven vehicle.

Technical Specifications


Engine: In-line 6 cylinder Maximum

Maximum Power: 230 kW @ 2200 rpm

Main Transmission: Fully Automatic power shift with hydrodynamic torque converter


Solid axles with single coil spring double acting hydraulic shock absorbers

Details and Performance

Operational Weight: 18.5 Tonnes Wheels

Wheels: 6×6; 14,00 x 20 RFI

Maximum Speed: 105 Km/h

Range: 1,000km @ 90 Km/h

Gradient: 60%

Vertical Step: 600 mm

Trench Crossing: 1,150 mm

Fording: 1,200 mm

Crew: 3 + 10


Remanufacturing Process


Engine is completely stripped.

The head, block, crank, conrods and related parts are completely overhauled by ISO approved Engineering Company.

The crank machined to a maximum of 0.030

After assembly the engine is dyno-tested.

Fuel System

Fuel tank and related components are removed, cleaned and inspected for any defects.

All perishable hoses and clamps replaced with new items.
Injection pump and injectors are completely overhauled by ISO approved specialists.

Tips are new and pump re-calibrated.

Cooling System

New Radiator.
New Hoses.

Exhaust System

The entire exhaust system is replaced with new.

Air Intake System

Filters replaced with new.
Filter housing replaced with new.

Transmission System

Clutch pack replaced with new.
Gearbox stripped and all bearings and seals replaced.
Transfer case stripped and sub standard components replaced with new.
Propeller shafts stripped and balanced by prop-shaft professionals.
New U-Joints.

Suspension System

New U-bolts.
New shackle pin and bushes.
New shock absorbers.
New centre pin.
New Springs.
Any other substandard components.
replaced with new.

Axles and Hubs

Stripped and all bearings and seals replaced with new.
Resetting of crown wheel & pinion.

Braking System

Hoses replaced with new.
Master and slave cylinder remanufactured.
Brake boosters overhauled.
Sub standard linkages replaced with new.
New linings and drums skimmed and checked for any defects by Brake Specialists.

Electrical System

New wiring loom.
New sender units, lighting, lenses, globes and fuses.
All instrumentation New.
New speedometer cable.
Alternator and starter overhauled.
New batteries.


6 Months / 40 000km / 800 hours, whichever occurs first.
Warranty is against defective material on the following items:
Engine-Gearbox-Transfer case- Axles- Abuse, fair wear and tear excluded